humanity -  fairness - fashion


Driven by the idea of actively supporting the re-creation of a new, more sustainable fashion industry, we were inspired to design a fair-fashion collection within an innovative humanitarian working concept.

As a fashion designer, costume designer and stylist, Emir Medic has already made a name for himself throughout Germany. He has worked on theatrical productions such as Istanbul, The Abduction from the Seraglio and was named Designer of the Year 2017 in Bosnia. Melissa Christov completed her policy studies in 2010, exhibiting her Polaroid series before the 2018 World Refugee Day in Zakk and most recently worked at Amnesty International.

Together with refugees we are working on an upcycling collection made completely of clothes donations and sustainable materials.


Behind four to five sewing machines, which were generously donated, we are working with refugees to support us within the tailoring process. With a heart full of passion, tailoring and design know-how, we pass these skills to our apprentices and create a zero-waste collection. The creation of jobs for people who are often stranded and only have few possibilities, have the chance to earn and encounter appreciation for something. Boredom is replaced with an exciting project. Fashion has become increasingly short-dated, an attribute that we are encountering more often than not in current times. But yet the awareness of sustainability is growing within our society today. Fashion has to do its part.​ 

Zero waste is our motto!

Each piece of clothing can experience a new beginning, a new life-cycle, but yet keep the beauty of past memories of loved people and wonderful places alive. A dress could become a skirt, a t-shirt might become a vest. The base of the collection consists completely of donated clothes. Which are washed, separated, ironed and then redesigned into a new piece.

We believe, „even if something is seemingly short-dated, we can always rethink and draw new conclusions.