Emir Medic is a Fashion Designer, Costume Designer and Stylist. He was born in 1986 in Doboj, Bosnien and Herzegovina. Growing up, Emir's home environment was immersed in textiles and creativity. Fashion is a part of his DNA. His grandfather was a tailor and passed on his knowledge to his mother, which was eventually passed on to him. Due to the outbreak of the Yugoslavian war, his family was forced to flea the country and immigrated to Germany at the age of four. Emir currently resides in the cultivating city of Hamburg.


After completing his apprenticeship as a Technical Clothing Assistant, he began his studies of fashion design at Hochschule Niederrhein, and later went on to complete his studies at the Design Department Academy in Duesseldorf, earning him a degree in Fashion and Communications Design. During his studies he observed several design-internships, among others at Bernhard Willhelm in Paris.


Since 2014 he has been cooperating with theaters such as; Schauspielhaus Bochum, Theater Bremen and Nationaltheater Mannheim, as Head Costume Designer for several productions.  

Working with renowned directors Selen Kara,

Alexander Giesches, Michael Tallke, Alexander Riemenschneider and Vivien Hohnholz.


In 2015 he also started collaborating as a stylist with the renowned 21 Agency, working on several editorial projects for a variety of high-street fashion brands and commercial.


April 2016 he presented his first collection -Putnik 16/17- at the Sarajevo Fashion week as a special guest. For his next collection „Dazzle 17" he worked with 3D designer Caroline Hauff from Berlin, for which they created a specially designed 3D textile print and presented this at the 2016 Fashion Week in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following the success of his -Dazzle- collection, Emir went on to introduce his -Infinite 17/18- collection the following year.

In December 2018, Emir was awarded -Designer of the Year- by SNL magazine and in April 2018 he opened the 40th Sarajevo Fashion Week with his new collection, GenerationZ.


Most currently he is collaborating with Melissa Christov on HUMANS FOR UP, a new project connecting humanity and sustainability with fashion. Creating a Zeitgeist Collection by upcycling clothes donations in unison with immigrant dressmakers.